Pizza making @ The Grosvenor Hotel, St Kilda East

The Grosvenor Hotel, from the outside, looks like a regular hotel, but on the inside it has so much more to offer. Interesting design, house made aged meats and seriously good pizza.

I went along on a Saturday morning to attend a pizza making class and what followed was a lot of fun and even more pizza.

With a 1:1 chef student ratio, things were looking good on the learning front. We mixed our dough, kneaded it, and left it to rise as we played with some ready-made portions of dough.


At a restaurant with it’s own pizza station, spoilt for choice is an understatement when it came to the toppings. We played around with traditional bases, gluten free bases and a mix of toppings while the resident pizza chef whipped us up a real treat. He created a pizza with a base topping made from herbs, spices and nuts. Sumac was the main attraction and it was divine. A middle eastern twist on pizza at it finest.


I’m a bit of a purist when it comes to my pizza toppings, yet I also suffer from a problem when faced with too many options, I seem to lose the ability to choose properly and end up ruining a perfectly good pizza/salad etc. You get the idea.

On this morning however I managed to remain somewhat reserved. I topped my pizza with a tomato base, caramalised onions, buffalo mozzarella and ham on one side and salami on the other – the chefs insisted I needed to try both.


My vegetarian sister made a vegetable packed option.


At the end of the morning, they placed all the pizzas that had just been made, some charcuterie board items and a glass of wine on a very large table. Just for the two of us. While we barely made a dent, it was a lot of fun trying.

Pizza class

If that wasn’t enough, they dished up a nutella calzone for dessert. It would have been rude to say no. Word of advice, try this. It’s decedent and worth the sugar coma.


The Grosvenor Hotel run pizza making classes on the third Saturday of each month and the next class will be held on November 16 2013. If you like pizza and you can get along you should. It was great fun and I now have pizza dough in the freezer, awaiting some warmer weather so we can bust out the pizza oven and a cold beverage or two. Cheers to that.


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