Gelato Heaven and a Giveaway @ Gelato Messina, Fitzroy

Gelato Messina for me always seemed like a mythical land where dreams came true. Well that’s how it appeared to a Melbourne resident who heard nothing but praise for their Sydney stores. Those cakes alone look like there is magic behind them. So, you could imagine my excitement when I received an invitation to the launch of the first Melbourne store, right in my hood. Fitzroy.

Gelato Messina Cones

Just like the Sydney stores, the Melbourne location will have 40 consistent flavours and a cabinet dedicated to rotating specials. These specials can be anything from fried chicken skin gelato to the Nicciolino – made up of white chocolate and hazelnut gelato, Frangelico soaked sponge and gianduia ganache.

On the day of the launch I was told it was going to be a seven-course gelato degustation, including savoury courses and all. I was confused but kept an open mind.

As I arrived, Hamish Blake just so happened to drop in asking if he could buy some ice cream for his hilarious and beautiful (and pregnant) wife Zoe Foster. Gelato and a Hamish Blake sighting in the one place, I was happy.

After the excitement we settled in for the first course.

gin and tonic

After tasting everything from cucumber sorbet to foie gras gelato to peanut butter powder, I have settled on two favouties from the evening. Surprisingly, one sweet and one savoury.

The savoury winner of the night was the foie gras gelato with cherry sorbet. This was just so fascinating. The gelato was creamy and rich but still managed to be sweet and perfectly balanced by the cherry. Colour me impressed.


The sweet winner, and the dish I liked the most, was the banana split. Banana gelato, salted caramel chantilly, freeze dried raspberry crunch and peanut powder. This was divine. It was decadent, sweet, and a touch salty.  The perfect combination of flavours in my eyes.

Banana split

Looking back on the evening, I do have to say, the part of the night I enjoyed most was trying the flavours behind that beautiful counter. The degustation was fascinating and demonstrated that these guys are artists with gelato, but for me, gelato is a scoop of your favourite flavour in a cup. So when I return I’ll be reaching for the Apple Pie gelato, in a cup please sir.

The lovely people at Gelato Messina and Kate & Co PR have given me a copy of their recipe book to give away to one lucky reader. To win a copy of Gelato Messina’s cookbook, comment below and tell me which flavour of gelato you’d like to see as a special at Gelato Messina. Entries draw Monday 23rd December.

Messina cookbook


9 Comments on Gelato Heaven and a Giveaway @ Gelato Messina, Fitzroy

  1. Whoa! They’re game for some savoury icecream, huh? In that case, I’d like to try a parmesan icecream – I’ve seen that David Lebovitz has a recipe for it but I’ve never been game to commit.

  2. The Stawberry Blonde Amy Collins: Packing a couple of your favourite things: Strawberry, champagne/prosecco and cocounut

  3. Ooh! The salted caramel one is my favourite! Hope I win, I’d love a good recipe book! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  4. Ok, I would like to see a smoked salmon gelato!! Possibly served with a dill and pistachio dust! It sounds cooky but I think it could actually work!

  5. Beetroot gelato, it’d be as visually spectacular as it is delicious.

  6. Tzatziki gelato, served as an accompaniment with a platter of mouth watering char grilled meats and seafood.

  7. Dark chocolate mocha with macadamia nuts!

  8. I’d like to see a Mexican flavor — cinnamon + chili!

  9. Thanks to everyone who entered! I have emailed the winner and will be posting out the book tomorrow. Happy eating! x

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